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Fans from around the world love her cheesecakes!

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Another young fan.Nyack Retired Nurses

On the cover of Ramsey MagazineHe loves the cheesecakes so much that before eating a full meal he ate 3 slices.  (and you know how big our slices are).  Amazed by his appetite.  He came back and had another 2 slices.

Singer Tiffany and SoaveWinner of a Cheesecake Contest in the Ramsey Magazine.  Her choice of flavor-a Salted Chocolate Caramel

Actress Amy BrennemanLuisito Rosario

Drove down from the New England State

The magnificent Gina Marie, Psychic Medium.  Blueberry is her favorite.

A Special request for an Apple Cheesecake enjoyed by their family on Thanksgiving

Flair Banke wrote me a beautiful letter!

Kishi John took Cheesecake to his mother-in law in Guyana, South America

Another Cheesecake Lover who has brought her entired family from Chicago to have cheesecake.

The beautiful ladies at Sterling Bank in Nyack.  I donated and served blueberry cheesecake at their open house.

Shamara all the way from Monticello, NY for her favorite Coconut Cheesecake

Jon Voight visited and took away three whole ones.

Mark from Virginia asked for a special order for a one of a kind flavor!

How cute is Jada loving the Chocolate Cookies N' Creme.  

The James Family from Toronto Canada.  David, Meagan, Jennifer and Owen came just for cheesecake.

Clarkstown Police Officers-Corry Doyle and Matt Dowen picking up a cheesecake for Officer Tom Doyle's birthday celebration.  Happy Birthday Tom!

  Famous Salsa singer, Tito Rojas  

I had the pleasure of meeting two beautiful sisters who got a selection of flavors for Laura's birthday.  Happy Birthday Laura! 

One of my long time fan, Lateefah.  Loving her Coquito Cheesecake.